Natural Muscle Relaxer

When you have muscle spasm, using over the counter muscle relaxers is the safest way to help relax sore, tired muscles. Natural muscle relaxers are a safe and effective way to ease muscle spasm, muscle pain and tension.

Natural Muscle Relaxer

Muscle tension and muscle spasm pain can be one of the most annoying occurrences. A stiff neck or frequent leg cramping can ruin anybody's day. There are pharmacy drugs that you can turn to, but these can quickly become habit forming. One of the best ways to fight muscle spasm and tension on a daily basis is through natural remedies. Relax Already® is a natural muscle relaxer that can help the body to fight muscle spasm, pain, and tension in a safe and effective way.

Relax Already utilizes valerian root, lemon balm, chamomile, cramp bark, passion flower, and magnesium to fight muscle spasm.

Magnesium is one of the most basic minerals on the planet, and Relax Already starts from the ground floor with magnesium. Magnesium is used to support the proper function of the nervous system, and when magnesium levels are low muscle cramping and spasms frequently occur.

Perhaps one of the best herbs in this mixture is cramp bark. Cramp bark is great for the skeletal muscles, because it can help to reduce pain and cramping. Cramp bark is an incredibly strong anti-cramp remedy, and historically it has even been used to stop contractions during premature pregnancy.

Cramp bark gets its strength from scopoletin and viopudial. Scopoletin can help the muscles to stop cramping and unwanted twitches. Studies have shown that scopoletin is even strong enough to stop electrically induced muscle contractions. Viopudial works to stop cramps on the cellular level. It blocks numerous enzymes that can induce muscle spasms. This means that it doesn't just stop spasms, but can also help to prevent them.

Natural Muscle Relaxers

Lemon balm is a strong pain fighting herb. It was a popular ingredient in many pain remedies in the Middle Ages. Lemon bark is strong because it contains eugenol. Eugenol can help to calm muscle spasms, but it also numbs tissue. This makes eugenol a great pain fighting substance.

Valerian root, chamomile, and passion flower have also been shown to help reduce muscle pain and tension, but they are more known for their ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

Muscle spasm, pain, and tension can now be easily, safely, and naturally relieved with the powerful over the counter muscle relaxer, Relax Already. Don't let leg cramps, back pains, or a stiff neck get you down any longer, using a natural muscle relaxer can help.