Insomnia and Sleep Already

Insomnia is rampant in our society. Sadly, if you're suffering from insomnia, it means you are not getting restful sleep. There may be a medical condition, unhealthy sleep patterns, biological factors, substances or a psychiatric condition that is causing your lack of sleep.

Let's discuss some of the reasoning behind insomnia and how you may be able to get some relief.

Medical Causes

Certain medical conditions can be the cause of insomnia and may make it difficult for a person to get proper sleep. Some conditions are anxiety, depression, allergies, acid reflux, sleep apnea, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, asthma, Parkinson's disease, and chronic pain. There are also side effects of medications that can cause insomnia, like high blood pressure, heart disease, birth control, depression, and asthma medications.


Insomnia can also be caused by specific lifestyles. If you work at home during the evenings it can make it hard to unwind and it can cause you to be preoccupied and not able to sleep. Screen time on your computer or TV can also make your brain more alert and awake when it is time for bed. Short naps can also be a culprit that keeps you up at night. Sleeping in later on weekends is another thing that can confuse your body's clock and make it difficult to fall asleep. Shift work is also difficult due to irregular work hours. Working at night and sleeping during the day can cause confusion to your body's clock.


There are even foods that can contribute to an unhealthy sleep cycle. Alcohol may help you fall asleep at first, since it is a sedative, but it can also disrupt your sleep later on in the night. Caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you awake at night. Nicotine is another stimulant that can cause insomnia, especially if it is very close to bedtime.

Don't You Want to Sleep Already?

Sleep Already is a wonderful supplement that may help provide natural relief from insomnia. Sleep Already helps you relax and eliminate 'busy brain' and may be the answer to your lack of sleep. This product contains a natural sleep remedies that can help you get a full night's sleep.

The natural ingredients in Sleep Already, include:

Magnesium - This mineral can help with nervous function and a calm mind. If there is a deficiency, the body can have poor sleep patterns, muscle cramps, anxiety, and nervousness.

Valerian root - This root has helped to minimize the time it takes to fall asleep by raising the levels of GAGA, which is a brain calmer and a way to decrease anxiety.

Passiflora - This herb is helpful in promoting sleep. It is a natural sedative and has tranquilizing power that may relax the body and mind. It also helps with GABA and allows restful sleep.

Lemon Balm - This herb reduces anxiety and promotes natural sleep.

L-theanine - This amino acid is responsible for stress reduction and lowering of anxiety. It can provide natural insomnia relief.

If you're suffering from insomnia, review the possible causes we've discussed above, if you have a medical condition, speak with your doctor and get help to correct the problem. If your issue is lifestyle or diet, make the changes necessary to improve your sleep. While you're working on that, Sleep Already can assist in a restful night's sleep.